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Making a Splash

Science Week 2018 - Bubbles, Rockets and Egg Drops!

We were extremely lucky to have a visit from Dr Annie Hodgson from York University to kick start our Science Week. She spoke to us in assembly about different kinds of reactions and showed us lots of demonstrations from dry ice to popping rockets.

Throughout the week each Year Group had a different question to answer based on bubbles. The questions ranged from 'Can you make different shaped bubbles?' to 'Can you make the longest lasting bubble?' Each class were allowed to use a range of materials to make their bubble wands and bubble solutions. Almost every class had a go at using the giant bubble hoop in which the children were captured within a bubble.

The whole school got involved in an 'Egg Drop Challenge' whereby each class split into groups to make an egg carrier in which the egg would survive a drop of approximately 3 metres. The carriers were tested within their classes and then the best one from each class was brought to the hall to be tested again with a raw egg. We had some amazing, well thought out designs and ended up with 5 winners!

Year 6 were very busy during their 'Countdown to Launch' activity. The children had to mix together sodium hydrogen carbonate, citric acid and water to blow the lid off the film cannister in exactly one minute.

The week ended by revealing who had taken the best #ScienceSelfie. This was such a tough decision to make and I am still overwhelmed by the amount of children that entered the competition. They were all amazing and it was lovely to see all the different Science investigations that you were doing at home.

I can't wait for the next Science Week!

Checkout the Gallery for photos!