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Making a Splash

Autumn Term


This half term, we will be studying the story of the Minpins in guided reading. 

We will also be reading The Hodgeheg as a class text. In our English lessons, we will read Tell Me a Dragon and use this to inspire our own dragon descriptions.


During English lessons this term, we will write a recount about our very own dragon hunt on the school playground. Take a look at our CCTV to see the dragon footage that will inspire our writing!

During this term, we will also design our own dragons, thinking about their colour, size and any special features that they may have. Using our designs, we will write character descriptions and simile poems about our dragons. 

While studying habitats, we will write non-chronological reports about the Woodland Hedgehog, which include information about a hedgehog's diet, habitat and other interesting facts.


Still image for this video

As part of our non chronological report unit of writing, we wrote about the Woodland Hedgehog, including facts about its habitat, diet and other interesting facts. During this unit, the children were asked to create a piece of hedgehog art at home using any medium they wished to. These were added to our Into the Woods display board. 


This term, we will be focusing on the four operations. We will be using a range of equipment to help us calculate the answers for addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. 

Addition using base 10

Multiplication using cubes

Division using cubes


During science this term, we will be studying a range of habitats, including: the woodland, desert, Arctic and rainforest. During our science unit, we will be using a range of scientific skills, including researching to find out about the different plants and animals which live in a particular habitat and how they are suited to live there. They will also identify and classify if items are living, dead or never alive.


This term, we will be using Purple Mash to create art. We will create images based on impressionism, pointillism, line art and work based on William Morris.


Line Art

William Morris inspired work

Design and Technology

This term, we will be researching soft toys (dragon designs). We will comment on what we like about existing products and will then use this to plan our own soft toy designs. We will then use cutting, sewing and gluing to create our product using felt and cotton. After we have made our final product, we will evaluate it.


As part of our black history topic, we will be learning all about the life of Mary Seacole and why she was a significant individual. The children will identify the similarities and differences between the live of Mary Seacole compared to the life of another significant individual-Florence Nightingale. The children will also create a timeline on of the key events in Mary’s life as well as creating a factfile by recording as many facts they can remember about her life.


Remembrance Day

The children learnt about why the poppy is so significant for Remembrance Day. The children also learnt how the commemorative poppies were made for the Tower of London display & created a cross with their own remembrance message for our classroom display.


During this topic the children will learn about which four countries make up the United Kingdom. The children will locate these countries on a map of the UK, as well as their capital cities. The children will then research what the populations are for these four countries which make up the UK.
Following on from this, the children will study London; by learning about the historical and political buildings found within the capital and then locating them on a map. The children will also learn about the location of the River Thames by using a range of maps and identify some of the places the river passes. 


We will be using clay to create dragon eyes. We will study how to make shapes using different techniques, including pressing, rolling, squashing and folding.