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Curriculum Statement

We believe in a broad and balanced curriculum

with hands on learning opportunities

that relate to real life experiences

at the heart of all subjects

Vocabulary is our anchor,

but from it ripples all the

knowledge and skills to succeed in life




English and Mathematics are priorities

 which are taught discreetly and are enhanced

through our broad and balanced curriculum.

ICT is used to extend and enhance the

children’s learning and we aim to have the

best equipment possible within available resources.

Our Curriculum is designed around a different theme each term. The themes are drawn both from the National Curriculum and children's interests. When designing the teaching approach for each term we try to ensure that learning is cross curricular - ensuring that skills such as reading and writing can be practised in all areas of learning, and that there are lots of opportunities for practical activities.

Each teaching team starts the term with a planning map identifying the skills and knowledge that children need to learn and these are published on the website. Parents can use these to support learning at home. As the term progresses the plans are often reviewed and adapted to keep up with the pace of learning and ensure that we are engaging children's interests. Themes may change from year to year depending on current events and individuals interests but the underlying skills will remain the same.
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