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Sports Crew

Once children reach KS2, they have the opportunity to become part of the ‘Sport Crew’.


Bay Primary’s Sport Crew:

  • Organise and run games and activities in the playground for KS2 children at break times
  • Involve children in group games
  • Ensure play times are fun and enjoyable
  • Develop skills in responsibility and leadership
  • Help to organise competitions between the 4 house teams in school
  • Design and lead ‘the personal challenge’ on Friday break times


We currently have 12 members of the Sport Crew in school. In order to become a member of the Sport Crew, children have to complete an application form and then attend a training session. After this, they will receive their Sports Leader certificate.


Each Sports Leader is allocated one break time per week in which they are responsible for running physical activities and games.


Sports Leaders meet on a regular basis, when possible, to review their role and to share new ideas for developing sport in school.


Here’s what some of our leaders had to say about their role:

  • I enjoy being part of the Sports Crew because we get to help small children at break times. We also get to become a better leading by doing training with Miss Johnson. Every child deserves to have fun playing (Phoebe)
  • I enjoy finding new, fun games to do at break time with the younger children. Everyone should have fun at Bay! (Jess)
  • I really enjoy playing sports and encouraging others to join in too. I want to make sure everyone is active and healthy (Lexie)