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Times Tables Year 3 to 6

Bay Primary School has taken part in the pilot of the Number Sense Maths Times Tables  Fluency Programme. The programme develops recall of 36 core multiplication facts. Fluency in these facts provides the foundation for all written and mental multiplication and division. New facts are introduced and taught visually through the conceptual lessons, and aurally through the chanting of verbal sound patterns. Facts are learned to fluency through daily practice sessions with scores tracked daily and targeted support provided where needed. 


The staff have seen a marked improvement in fluency and there is an inclusive approach to the session which means all children can access it and experience success.  Children now have more confidence in their ability to quickly recall their times tables facts and look forward to their times tables lesson.


Here is what our pupils think of their Number Sense times tables lessons:


I enjoy times tables lessons because I like to look back in my booklet and see how much I have improved. I also  like that we do it every day so I can improve even more.   

Alex, year 5


I really enjoy times tables lessons because it is helping me to get quicker and I am getting better at the hard ones like my 8’s.

Harry, year 5


I like that when we learnt our square numbers it helped us with our fractions work.

Clayton, year 3


I like the challenge of the 2 minute timer because I always beat it!

Faith, Year 3



I like the chanting because it helps us to remember them.

Dexter, Year 4


You only have to learn 36 instead of 144. The division facts used to scare me - now they don’t!

James, Year 4


I can have a bit more time if I need it which makes me feel more confident.

Isaac, year 4


Sometimes when I can’t think of the answer, I think it, chant it then look at the help sheet.

Callum, year 4


If I’m stuck on a certain test I can speak to the teacher straight afterwards and get more time or some homework before the next one.

Lenny, year 4


Doing it each morning helps me to switch on ready for the day! My recall is definitely quicker.

Max, year 5


It’s definitely helped me to improve my recall and feel more confident about multiplication in general.

Emma, year 5