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Making a Splash

Summer Term


This term we will share the story of Vlad and the Great Fire of London and The Baker's Boy and the Great Fire of London. We will study these books closely in our English lessons and use them to inspire our writing. We will also share the picture book 'Tin Forest' as part of our science topic Materials and use this to create setting descriptions. In guided reading lessons during the summer term, we will read Leonora Bolt Secret Inventor, studying the descriptive language choices used by the author throughout.



This term, we will explore stories about the Great Fire of London and use Now Press Play to experience what it would have been like to live through this event. Using our learning, we will write diary entries about the days of the fire, explaining what happened, what was seen and how the Londoners felt. 

This term, we will also study a range of calligram poems before writing our own calligram about the Great Fire.

In design and technology lessons, we will learn how to make bread using recipes from 1666. We will then write an instruction text to share this process.



Our final science topic will be Uses of Every Day Materials. During this topic, we will be identifying and comparing the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, paper and cardboard for different uses. We will also be investigating how solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching them.

This is our investigation to identify which material would be the best material to use as a roof for the 3 Little Pig’s house.

The materials that we were investigating were bubble wrap, cotton wool, paper and cardboard.

We had great fun investigating which materials float or sink. 


Our history topics are enquiry-based. This term our topic focus is the significant event; The Great fire of London. Through this topic, we are focusing on finding out the answers to the following questions:

When and where did the fire start?

Why did the fire start?

Why did the fire spread so quickly?

How did people try to put the fire out?

Gymnastics with Harry


As part of their art topic this term the children designed and created a collage based on the Great fire of London. 


As part of our DT topic the children tasted a variety of breads and evaluated them based on the appearance, softness and taste. The children had great fun doing 5is and discovered they liked types of bread that they had never tried before. 

Our next task was to make our own white bread bun. We did this by weighing & mixing the ingredients following a recipe. 

Finally we designed or own packaging to take our bread buns home in.