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Making a Splash

Autumn Term

Our theme in Autumn Term 1 is 'It's Good To Be Me' 


During this half term lots of opportunities are given to the children to develop their relationships with the adults working within EYFS and to begin to establish friendships with their peers. 

We begin to find out about the interests of all the children and their families. Each child draws a self-portrait and a picture of their family. These are displayed in the classrooms and the children have loved looking at their own wonderful representations of themselves and their family. 


One of our core texts used this half term is 'The Colour Monster'. After reading the story we discuss different feelings and emotions, helping the children to be able to self regulate and talk to adults about the way that they feel.  The children are introduced to our class 'feeling jars' in which they have the opportunity to talk about how they are feeling each day and what is making them feel that way. 


We also learn about different people in our local community who help us to keep safe. The children enjoy learning about different occupations and particularly enjoyed our visits from the Fire Brigade and our school PCO. 

Our theme in Autumn Term 2 is 'Terrific Tales'


This half term the children learn about different traditional tales, such as, 'The Three Little Pigs', 'The Gingerbread Man', 'Goldilocks', 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and 'The Little Red Hen.'

The children enjoy having lots of opportunities to listen to different versions of these stories and learn to re-tell them using puppets, props and the role-play area.  We encourage the use of storybook language when re-telling the stories and children are given the opportunity to draw their own story mountains to illustrate the story in the correct sequence of events. 


Children explore building a new house for the little pigs and a bridge for the Billy Goats to cross the river, using different construction kits and junk modelling materials. 


Children get to show off their baking skills when making their own Gingerbread people and they enjoy making their own porridge which tastes just right!