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Pupil Ambassadors

Who are we?

At the start of the year, each class held a class vote to decide who would represent them at the Pupil Ambassador meetings to ensure that all children's voices were heard.  


What do we do?

We ask students in our class a question each half term. With the answers, we report them back to Mrs Pemberton and the other Pupil Ambassadors. After a discussion about each classes’ opinions, we decide which ideas we will complete.  Once we have decided on an idea, we will discuss a plan of action.  

Year 6 Pupil ambassadors were nominated by their class then had to apply for one of the following roles:


Year 6 Ambassador Job descriptions


Chairing is a key role on any Committee. The Chairperson must ensure that the Committee functions properly, that there is full participation during meetings that all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out.


Vice Chairperson

To support the role of Chairperson by ensuring deadlines are met, actions are clear, reasonable and met by the expected time. In summary, the Vice Chairperson is essential to the effective running of the committee to ensure that the Chairperson is up-to date with his/her duties.



The role of the Secretary is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Committee. In summary, the Secretary is responsible for: Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted. Maintaining effective records and administration, creating and updating effective displays so that the school community knows about our projects.



The Treasurer has a watchdog role over all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the Committee to safeguard the organisation's finances. In summary, the Treasurer is responsible for: General financial oversight. Funding, fundraising and sales.