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Making a Splash

Spring Term

Our theme in Spring Term 1 is 'Amazing Animals'


This half term the children have learnt about different animals and their habitats. At the beginning of this theme the children welcomed a new pet to our home corner and shared information and photos with the class about the pets they have at home. 


Throughout this theme, we have learnt about animals that live on the farm, the Arctic, the woods, the jungle and animals we would see at the zoo. 


As part of our Art project, the children enjoyed experimenting with colour mixing to create warm and cold colours, then in the style of Van Gogh they created 'Amazing Animal' paintings to illustrate animals in the Arctic and the jungle. 


Look at some of our amazing Van Gogh masterpieces!

Celebrating Chinese New Year


The children enjoyed learning about how the Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world. We decorated the home corner ready for the celebrations, we made and tasted Chinese food, made lanterns and dragons and created our own dragon dance to Chinese music. 


Our visit to Sewerby Park


We enjoyed visiting Sewerby Park to explore our local environment. We talked about what we could see, such as the snow drops beginning to grow, the fairy houses, the wood carvings and discussed how we knew Spring was on it's way! We looked at the different animals in the zoo and had fun playing at the park with our friends. 


Our theme in Spring Term 2 is 'The Great Outdoors'


During this term we have learnt about the life cycle of a plant and have planted our own seeds, including broad beans and sunflowers and have created our own vegetable patch.  We have learnt about the importance of keeping healthy and have explored real fruit and vegetables. We have enjoyed role-playing in our fruit and vegetable shop and have made observational drawings of a selection of fruit. We selected our favorite fruit to create our own fruit kebabs, they were really delicious! 

We have explored the different seasons and have talked about what we would expect to see during each season. We looked at a variety of spring flowers and created pictures, choosing our own medium to add colour to our drawings. 


Take a look at some of the activities we have enjoyed doing this half term.


As part of our art project this half term we looked at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and discussed how he used natural materials to create sculptures. We collected our own natural materials from our local environment to create pictures that we then used to create the front of our Mother's Day card. 


Look at our Andy Goldsworthy inspired art work.