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Attendance % - Target 95%


Year Group               Week ending 07.06.2024             Cumulative from 6th September 2023


Reception                               97%                                                        92% (staggered start)


Year 1                                     93%                                                        93% 


Year 2                                    94%                                                         94%


Year 3                                    90%                                                         95%


Year 4                                    92%                                                         93%


Year 5                                    93%                                                         93%


Year 6                                    94%                                                         94%               


Whole School                         93%                                                         93% 


FFT National Attendance w/e 24.05.2024 93.3%       Yorkshire and Humber 92.9%




Colour Team Attendance Week ending 07.06.2024

Blue                                          93.3%


Green                                       94.1%


Red                                           93.7%


Yellow                                       92.3%



At Bay Primary School we recognise the importance that good attendance and punctuality have in ensuring that children are able to make good academic progress, have good mental well-being, health and happiness. We want every child to strive towards excellent attendance and work hard with pupils, parents and carers to make individual attendance as good as it can be.


Attendance is monitored daily by the Attendance Administration Officer who acts swiftly when attendance becomes a concern.

Explanation of Annual Percentage (%) attendance


Attendance                                                       Days missed during a year


100%                                                                       00 days


95%                                                                         10 days


90%                                                                         20 days


85%                                                                         30 days


80%                                                                         40 days

Attendance under 95% means that a child is missing at least two weeks of learning time in a school year. 

Attendance under 90% means that a child is missing four weeks of learning time which will have a  significant impact on their learning.


Roles and Responsibilities

Bay Primary School

  •  Will set high expectations for attendance, and monitor individual and whole school attendance on a daily and weekly basis
  • Keep a register of attendance twice daily as required using a classroom based electronic registration system via
  • Identify causes of concern with regard to pupil attendance
  • Conduct first day response where there is unexplained absence
  • Invite parents/carers into school to discuss attendance which is a cause for concern
  • Work with parents/carers of individual pupils to try to improve punctuality and attendance
  • Promote and reward good punctuality and attendance
  • Provide attendance data for parents/carers
  • Celebrate excellent and improved attendance
  • Work with the East Riding of Yorkshire Education Welfare Service as soon as a concern is raised or a pattern of absence is noted


  • Ensure that pupils arrive in school, on time everyday and are ready to learn
  • Have routines in place to support excellent punctuality and attendance
  • Contact school before 9.30am to inform the school of their child's absence 
  • Avoid term time holidays, and try to limit school time appointments
  • Obtain medical evidence where possible to support medical absence 
  • Parents / carers are asked to sign a Home School Agreement that includes reference to the importance of regular attendance at school


  • Be in school, on time, every day and ready to learn
  • Discuss any punctuality or attendance concerns with a member of staff

The Education Welfare Service (EWS)


The EWS works in partnership with schools, parents/carers and children to achieve the best levels of school attendance and punctuality for all students. The EWS works closely with schools and other external agencies in order to promote and improve school attendance and address welfare issues.


The EWS is responsible for:

  • regular monitoring of student attendance;
  • conducting home visits where there are attendance concerns;
  • working with parents/carers to improve school attendance;
  • completing their statutory duty to ensure parents/carers make sure their children attend school regularly, by completing the Fast Track to Prosecution procedure.