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Making a Splash


The topic for this term is 'Space'.

We explore what the Space Race was; the research and discoveries made about space; the changes and developments in people's understanding of space and the Solar System. 


We believe that it is important to learn about our Science topic through a variety of tasks and experiences to embed key skills across the wider curriculum.  We want to engage learners in a practical and purposeful way so that children have fun learning opportunities that aid lifelong learning.  Some of the activities that we have completed this term include:

        * Designing and making a moon buggy in Design Technology;

        * Creating art inspired by David A Hardy;

        * Researching the Space Race;

        * Mapping out the solar system and discovering how understanding of this changed over time, as technology developed.

        * Observing and recording phases of the moon to learn more about day and night. 


During our English lessons in the Spring term, we look at the picture book Leon and the Place Between and use this to think about fantasy settings and magic within fiction writing. We explore the concepts of belief and persuasion, and think about where and how magic could exist. From this, we write our own magical stories focusing on encouraging belief. 


Our class text throughout the term is A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison which is centred around three young girls who discover a family secret - a curse and some magical objects. This story extends our consideration of magic, belief and perseverance.