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Making a Splash

Spring Term


This term, we will be studying the story of Hotel Flamingo in guided reading lessons. We will also be reading Around the World in Eighty Days as a class text. In our English lessons, we will share the picture book Journey and use this to inspire our own adventure story.


During English lessons this term, the children in Year 2 will study the picture book Journey. The children will then write their own adventure stories based on the book.

During this term, year 2 pupils will learn about the life of Amy Johnson and write a biography to share their understanding of this local hero. The children are looking forward to learning more about Australia, where she flew, and will write a persuasive text about this country.


This term, we will study the following maths topics: fractions, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, length, mass and written calculations for addition and subtraction. 


In science this term, we will be studying 2 topics. Our first will be Animals Including Humans. During this topic, we will learn about what animals need in order to survive, the classifications of the different animal groups, how some animals offspring change as they grow into adults and some do not and the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and good hygiene.

Here we are carrying out a variety of activities to see the effect exercise has on our heart rate. 

Our germ investigation... Which method cleans the germs off the best?

During our Plants topic, we will observe how seeds grow into plants and investigate what plants need in order to grow and stay healthy.

During our plant investigation this term, we noticed that the seeds given water, sunlight, air and soil grew well. These are the conditions that plants need in order to survive. The plant with no air also grew well. We think this is because the plastic bag acted like a green house and kept the seed warm. The seeds grown with no sunlight were white/yellow which shows that they are not healthy. The plants with no soil and no water did not grow.


Our history topics are enquiry-based. This term, our topic focus will be the significant individual Amy Johnson. Through this topic, we will focus on finding out the answers to the following questions:

What do we mean by a significant person?

Who was Amy Johnson?

What is Amy Johnson remembered for?

We offered suggestions about what might have happened to Amy Johnson's plane


This half term, we will be studying the United Kingdom and Australia. We will be using atlas’ to locate them on a map and their capital cities. We will also make comparisons between these 2 places. 



In art, we will experiment with paint by mixing primary colours to create secondary colours and by creating tints and tones using black and white paint. We will then use our knowledge of paint to create paintings inspired by the work of David Hockney.

Some of our completed Hockney inspired artwork