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Design and Technology

Progressive Key Knowledge Objectives

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), we're getting those little minds curious about exploring materials, creating simple designs, and understanding how things work. It's all about fostering that creative spark and problem-solving mindset early on.


Moving on to Key Stage 1, we're delving deeper into designing and making products that serve a purpose. Pupils start learning about the importance of evaluating their creations and considering how they can improve them.


By Key Stage 2, we're ramping things up with more complex challenges, like understanding mechanical systems and using electrical components.


Throughout this journey, we're nurturing skills like teamwork, critical thinking, and practical making abilities. We want our pupils to not just follow instructions but to think outside the box and innovate. As they progress through the years, they build a solid foundation in design and technology that sets them up for future success. Let's keep those creative juices flowing and see where their imaginations take them!


Miss Kilburn

Design and Technology Coordinator