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Bay Primary School

Making a Splash


During the Spring Term in Year 1 we explore the everyday heroes who help and assist us in life. Following on from hands-on research into different roles we then produce a range of reports to summarise the key facts learnt.


We also explore how we can be real-world superheroes ourselves! Using George save the world by lunchtime, we explore the 4 R's (recycling, reusing, repairing and reducing) that need to be followed if we are to ensure that the world is a better place when we are grown. 


During phonics, we will be beginning to explore the common alternate spelling choices for sounds that we have already learned. 


Children are able to access a variety of digital books through their provided Oxford Owl logins. They are also able to use Reading Eggs to develop their reading and phonics knowledge. Additionally, children are able to access a wide range of writing tasks through the Purple Mash platform should they wish to develop this skill at home.