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Making a Splash


Spring Term

This term Year 6's topic will be Britain since 1939


We will be learning about the impact of the Second World War - evacuation, the Blitz and the Home Front - which will inform our writing in English (Blitz story starters, balanced arguments about evacuation). We then move onto the experiences of the Windrush generation and the impact this had on people within our history lessons. We will continue the theme of World War Two in our design technology lessons, researching and using the ideas of rationing when designing a picnic. In geography, we will be investigating world trade links. Our science topics will be light and electricity - understanding how electricity has changed over time and learning about voltage.


We will be reading Letters from the Lighthouse as our class text and continuing our work in developing mastery in maths: geometry (angles), position and direction, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and perimeter and area.

In our writing will also write: descriptions of a lighthouse, a letter from the Windrush generation,  and "Lighthouse for Sale" persuasive writing.