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Making a Splash

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


Year 6 enjoyed learning all about Japan during International Week.

The children experienced a range of traditional Japanese food including

sushi and noodles and they used their learning to design their own Japanese dishes.



The children considered flavour and presentation when designing their own dishes. During International Week the children learnt that the national flower of Japan is the Cherry Blossom.



This is used to inspire lots of art work in Japan and across the world.

Having done some research, the children in Year 6 created their own art work themed around the cherry blossom.



In Japan, origami is also enjoyed by many people. We learnt that origami used to be for the rich. Take a look at some of our origami animals. 


Over the week, the children in Year 6 have enjoyed learning all about maths in Japan. We can now read and write numbers in Japanese and we can also use the Japanese method of multiplication to solve problems.