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Spring 2

Welcome back to my half termly Maths Blog.  Another short term filled with lots of exciting Maths learning and experiences.


Pupil Ambassadors

This half term, our Pupil Ambassadors teamed up with FOBs to help with Bay Primary School’s Easter Bingo.  They worked very hard to sell tickets, award prizes and help to call out the numbers.  As part of Bay Primary School, we would like to thank FOBs for all the hard work that they do and for supporting everything we do in school.  Well done to our Pupil Ambassadors for getting involved. 

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Science Day

As part of Science Day this half term, children had to use their reasoning and problem solving skills to investigate questions such as:

·        Can you make the biggest bubble?

·        Can you make different shaped bubbles?

·        How long can you keep a bubble before it bursts?

The whole school also took part in the Egg Drop Challenge. 

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Maths Club

I would like to say a huge well done and thank you to this term’s Maths Clubbers.  You should all be very proud of the efforts you have put in this term – good luck to our Year 6 Maths Clubbers for the upcoming SATs. 

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Pupil voice

Some of you may be aware that I have been talking to children throughout this half term about their Maths experiences in School.  The responses I have had were extremely encouraging.  From these responses, Bay Primary will endeavour to strengthen the positives and build on the suggestions offered. 


"Maths is my favourite subject.  I like that there are lots of challenges." Year 3 Pupil.

" I feel confident in Maths because of the progress I know I have made." Year 3 Pupil.

"Making mistakes and learning from them helps me to improve in Maths." Year 4 Pupil.

" I like Maths, especially when things are connected and we do it other subjects." Year 4 Pupil. 

" I like INSPIRE Maths because it goes in more depth and it helps me to understand it more." Year 5 Pupil. 

" If I get stuck, I use the teacher's example to help me." Year 5 Pupil.  

"We like reasoning and problem solving and enjoy when we have fun challenges." Year 6

"I like working on my own but sometimes working in groups and with adults helps me to explain my ideas more." Year 6 Pupil. 


I am going to continue talking to KS1 pupils after half term.  

Masters of Maths

Another BIG congratulations to this term’s Masters of Maths! You are superstars and definitely deserve to be recognised for all the hard work that you put in continuously. 

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Newsletter Questions – Bar Model

All year I have included weekly Problem Solving activities for you to complete at home with your families.  This term, I focussed the questions around the use of the Bar Model.  I hope you have enjoyed completing these.  




Thanks again for visiting our Maths Blog,

Mrs Pemberton.