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Spring 1

Hello again!

Although this has been a particularly short half term, we have achieved a lot at Bay Primary School.  Now that the weather is slowly getting better, we are incorporating outdoor Maths learning where we can.  This half term, the teachers have been given an outdoor maths activity each week to embed within their lessons (either Maths lessons or cross-curricular). 

Also this half term, we had a visit from Phil Williams, who talked to the whole school about being more eco-friendly.  Our Ambassadors worked with Phil to complete some audits about how environmentally friendly our school is.  Children collected data and had to problem solve with the information collected. Children worked in mixed age groups and thoroughly enjoyed their day.  We are working hard as a school to think more about sustainability. 

After the visit from Phil, I was inspired and wanted to embed the skills the Ambassadors learned throughout the whole school. Therefore, we held our own ‘Maths Day.’ The main aims of the day were:

· To embed the principles of Plan It Eco (our visit from Phil Williams)

· To promote Reasoning Skills, Problem Solving and Outdoor Maths

· To apply Maths Skills in a Cross-Curricular context


During the day, the children were given lots of exciting opportunities to learn Maths in a cross-curricular way while learning more about how to keep our school and planet sustainable. Children also had a reasoning and problem solving activity and an Outdoor Maths activity. The response from the staff and children was incredible so we are aiming to plan a Maths Day each term.

Masters of Maths

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to our Masters of Maths for this half term! It is always a pleasure to award this prize at the end of each half term to acknowledge resilient mathematicians.

With a new term, a new group of Maths Clubbers have also been welcomed.  This term we are focussing on revision and Mastery Maths.  It has been promising to see how eager these mathematicians are and how reflective and resilient they can be.  Well done Year 5 and 6!

Thank you for visiting Bay Primary School’s Maths Blog,

See you next time,

Mrs Pemberton.