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Making a Splash

Orange Class

During science week Mrs Robson set us two challenges to complete. The fist challenge was the egg drop challenge. Our task was to plan and create a device that would keep an egg safe during during a drop of 3 metres. The rules were: the egg could not be altered in any way, the children could only use the items from the given resource list & the egg had to be able to be added & removed from the device. 

Below are our final designs & how they got on during the class trials. 

Our design failed the egg drop sad.

Our design survived the egg drop smiley

Our design failed the egg drop sad

Our design survived the egg drop smiley

To decide which design Orange class were going to enter in the grand final we needed to have an ‘egg drop off’ between blue group & orange group.


After round two of the egg challenge we found a winner.


The design which represented Orange class in the grand final was… 

Orange group then took our entry to the egg drop grand final we’re their device was successful. Their egg survived the drop of 3 metres .

Our second challenge was rocket mice. It was our task to investigate how high we could get a rocket mouse to travel. We used a Parker rocket mouse & a 500ml plastic bottle.

Below are our results after 5 attempts.

The first thing we thought about was how were were going to make this investigation a fair test.


Children having fun launching the rocket mouse

Our results