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Maths Policy

The Maths Policy is currently being updated and will be available soon.


At Bay Primary School we provide the right kind of teaching and support to ensure that every learner can gain an understanding and love of maths.  Mathematics shouldn’t be a privilege.  The ability to succeed is not fixed and this is clear in both lesson design and class teaching.  We take a mastery approach to mathematics focusing on depth of understanding before breadth. Children are given time to really master key mathematical ideas and concepts placing problem solving at the heart of mathematics.  Throughout mathematics lessons, children will be given purposeful tasks so that they can connect mathematics to the real world.  ‘Mathematics learning is essentially about building connections between concepts and procedures.’ Therefore, children will be given opportunities to deepen their understanding of mathematics in a variety of ways, including; having opportunities to use concrete objects and manipulatives to help them understand what they are doing; building on the concrete approach by using pictorial representatives to reason and solve problems; ultimately, moving on to an abstract approach using numbers and key concepts with confidence so they can use language to reason and explain their understanding.  Emphasising the high value of mathematics education to all staff, governors, pupils, parents and carers is key to our children becoming successful mathematicians.   All staff actively attempt to improve their pedagogical understanding of mathematics and the importance of the mastery approach.