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Making a Splash

Coral Class

Mrs Robson set us the challenge of planning and creating a design that would keep an egg safe during an egg drop. The design could only include resources from a given list and must have room for the egg to be added and removed again. The egg was not allowed to be altered in any way. We had lots of creative designs with 3 designs all surviving 1 egg drop. This meant that we had to go into a second round. Only 1 egg survived the second egg drop meaning this design will go to the whole-school final! 

Action shots

Our second challenge set by Mrs Robson was to investigate how high we could get a rocket mouse to travel after 5 attempts. The highest our rocket mouse travelled was 3 metres! WOW! We created a whole class bar chart to share our results with the rest of the school!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video