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Autumn 2

Mrs Pemberton’s Maths Blog

Welcome back!

It has been an amazing half term of Maths at Bay Primary School and I am eager to share with you everything that has been going on. 


Mrs Pemberton’s Maths Wall

Firstly, the introduction of the Maths Wall has really had an impact on the buzz about Maths around the school.  Children have been keen to answer questions about the numbers and words of the week.  In fact, children were so enthusiastic about this, I now need an endless supply of post-it notes! A big well done also to the children who attend our Breakfast Club and After-School Club for your passion towards solving the Maths wall.  Keep it up!

Pupil Ambassadors

Our Pupil Ambassadors have been working hard to gather ideas, puzzles and problems to include in our weekly newsletters and Maths trails around the school. They have asked each class for 5 Maths related questions, real-life where possible, and have been busy preparing these to add to our learning environments around the school. Also, the Ambassadors and I have since added Maths Trails around the school (which the Maths Club created) to develop the love of maths even further. Mrs Kemp and I have a lot planned for the Pupil Ambassadors next term. 

Numeracy Ninjas

As part of the Year 5 and 6 curriculum this half term, we have been trialling ‘Numeracy Ninjas.’ Each week children have been competing to answer questions in order to gain a coloured belt.  This activity has really had an impact on children’s confidence in Maths and has demonstrated clear progression throughout the weeks.  Next half term I will be talking to pupils and teachers about continuing this. 

In addition to the Numeracy Ninjas, children in Year 5 and 6 have been working very hard to develop their Maths skills in more difficult areas such as Algebra and Measures.  Well done!


You may have heard some of your children at home talking about ‘The Bar Model’ and if you have, then please encourage them to share their knowledge with you about what this is and how it helps them in their Maths learning. I am hoping to organise some adult workshops with regards to The Bar Model and our Maths Scheme of Work ‘INSPIRE’ in the future. ‘Barvember’ is organised by White Rose Maths to encourage everyone to use the bar model. We believe that the Bar Model is a useful tool for helping children visualise and then solve maths problems. Even some of the most complex problems can be seen much easier when represented visually. Barvember provides an opportunity for everyone to just do some maths.’ It has been promising to see some year groups taking part in this and being able to really apply their understanding of the Bar Model to support their reasoning and Problem Solving in Maths lessons and Maths Club.

Mission Mornings


It has been brilliant to walk around the school and sneak a peak in each class’s Mission Morning books to see the range of reasoning and problem solving activities going on.  We are having a big focus on ensuring children are given lots of opportunities to reason and solve problems in their Maths lessons.  Next term, I will be also looking out for more cross-curricular Maths and Outdoor learning which I am just as excited about.  

This Half Term’s Masters of Maths


A HUGE congratulations to our Masters of Maths for this half term. 

Class Maths


Please see below some Photos of everyday Maths here at Bay Primary school. 

Thanks for visiting.


Bye for now,

Mrs Pemberton