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Autumn 1

Mrs Pemberton’s Maths blog

Welcome to my Half Termly Maths Blog – the place where I intend to update you with lots of interesting maths related information each half term. Keep an eye out for: Maths Masters and celebrations; photographs of our hard work and maths around the school as well as any other exciting information and developments in Maths.


What a great start to the year it has been with a lot of fun and exciting Maths happening here at Bay Primary School. We have welcomed new Pupil Ambassadors (see the Pupil Ambassador area of the website for more information) and embraced our new INSPIRE Maths scheme of work. As part of this, there have been lots of reasoning and problem solving activities taking place throughout our Maths lessons. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the rise in confidence and have felt the ‘buzz’ for Maths improve so I cannot wait to see where it takes us next.

See the pictures below J.


Year 1 have been using the ‘part, part, whole’ model to solve addition questions.

Year 2 have been learning about the place value of numbers.

Year 3 have been applying their cross-curricular knowledge to help them solve problems.  They have also been reasoning about place value. 

Year 4 have been explaining how they knew if a number was a multiple of 3.  We have also been reasoning about multiples. 

Year 5 have been working together to use their knowledge of fractions to develop their reason skills.

Year 6 have been solving problems about percentage and practising their reasoning skills. 

Masters of Maths

Our staff are always on the lookout for great Maths that goes on around our school and will be choosing a ‘Master of Maths’ each half term.  These children represent the resilient ‘I can’ attitude that we encourage here at Bay Primary School.  Please see below this half term’s Maths Masters. 

Year 3 and 4 Maths Clubbers


Also, I have been super impressed with the current Year 3 and 4 Maths club.  We have learned songs, taken part in outdoor maths activities as well as solved lots of problems.  Mrs Mitchell and Miss Burton help to support the fantastic work which takes place during our Maths Club so I would like to thank them for helping to make it as successful as it is. 

KEEP AN EYE OUT for my weekly reasoning/problem solving activity on the newsletter that you can complete at home as a family.  Encourage children to ‘say what they see’ by talking about the patterns they spot as well as anything else they can recall from their prior learning. 

I have great ambitions for Maths this year and cannot wait to share my ideas with you. 


Bye for now,


Mrs Pemberton. 


‘Good mathematics is not about how many answers you know …

… It’s about how you behave when you don’t know the answer’