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House Points

Pupils are allocated a house team when they begin school. The teams are named after local sea birds, in keeping with the 'Bay' theme, Red Gannets, Yellow Kittiwakes, Blue Puffins and Green Guillemots. Housepoints can be awarded for behaviour, manners, extra effort and good work. At the end of each week points are added up and the team with the most points are presented  with the House Cup  in assembly.


                       House Captains 2018


Red Gannetts Yellow Kittiwakes Blue Puffins Green Guillemots



House Points Autumn Term 2018



 Red Gannets   

Yellow Kittiwakes

Blue Puffins 

Green Guillemots

328 299 326 300
385 291 318 293
662 535 548 583
327 314 318 295